Leaf and Cork Club Meeting

Leaf & Cork Club

We are pleased to announce the new Kazim Shriners Leaf & Cork Club, share with you how and why it was formed, and how you can be part of it.

Ed Barker, during his inaugural speech, appointed all Kazim Nobles to be members of his Membership Committee and challenged each member to increase membership by at least one. Taking Ed’s challenge to heart, a casual group of Kazim Nobles met several times to discuss creative ways to increase new membership. Our goal: find an attractive innovative way to entice new members to come join us and have fun, all while promoting brotherly love and friendship.

While searching for membership growth ideas we looked at what has worked in other temples. We learned of a club idea where members came together socially to enjoy fine spirits and cigars. A destination not only for current members enjoyment, but where prospective members can become engaged and learn the value of becoming a member of their temple. Many temples have experienced membership growth as a result of these types of clubs. These clubs appeal to the 25 to 45 age bracket, a prime target for new membership.

After months of internal discussion, and conversation with other Shriners and prospective members, we decided to establish the framework for a club of our own and call it the Kazim Leaf & Cork Club: a modern twist on a retro idea to draw in members with a club where they can see themselves making connections, discussing ideas, and engaging in a worthy cause while enjoying fine cigars and spiritual libations.

The next steps to bring the club to reality included crafting a winning mission for the club, developing by-laws, and presenting it to the Potentate and Divan for approval. Success! We are delighted to have earned approval to launch The Kazim Shriners Leaf & Cork Club.

The Leaf & Cork Club will have the same organizational structure as the other Kazim Shriners Clubs. In addition to similar by-laws, there are also defined rules governing its activities and facilities. Some examples are: only cigars and pipes will be permitted in a club room (Club location to be determined), cigarettes and other mechanical smoking devices will not be permitted, the club facility will be professionally ventilated to prevent any smoke migration into adjacent areas, all start up and future costs will be self-funded from within the club.

Come join us at the Kazim Shriners Leaf & Cork Club’s first business meeting on Thursday September 17, at the Kazim Temple starting at 6:00 pm to elect its officers and learn more about the benefits of becoming a Charter Member. Following the business meeting, we’ll have an inaugural celebration at the Temple pavilion.

For more information contact Aubrey Rosser at rosserlaw@aol.com or Fred Heptinstall at fredhept@gmail.com


Sep 17 2020


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Kazim Temple
628 Campbell Avenue SW


Kazim Temple