Kazim Nobles

Edward “Ed” Glenn Barker

Illustrious Potentate
Edward “Ed” Glenn Barker
(Lady Phyllis)

William “Bill” Wiley David, Jr.

Chief Rabban
William “Bill” Wiley David, Jr.
(Jackie Mosley)

David “Matt” Matthew Clarke

Assistant Rabban
David “Matt” Matthew Clarke

Aubrey-Rosser,Jr High Priest & Prophet

High Priest & Prophet
Aubrey Jones Rosser, Jr.
(Pat Nichols)

Frankie Edward Howell

Oriental Guide
Frankie Edward Howell

James “Tick” Gordon Sail

James “Tick” Gordon Saul

Richard “Steve” Nelson

Richard “Steve” Nelson

Joseph “Joey” Pugh

First Ceremonial Master
Joseph “Joey” Pugh

Dewey “Cole” David

Second Ceremonial Master
Dewey “Cole” David

Douglas “Doug” Eldon Cook

Douglas “Doug” Eldon Cook

“Henry” Lee Bolling

“Henry” Lee Bolling

“Frank” William Boyd

Captain Of the Guard
“Frank” William Boyd

Fredric “Fred” Evans Dooley

Outer Guard
Fredric “Fred” Evans Dooley

Ricky “Rick” Joe Leftwich

Ricky “Rick” Joe Leftwich

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Chief Aide
Ricky Leftwich

Personal Aides
Joe Neil Webb
Bill Wingfield
Mike Henderson
Rick “Moose” Wright

Circus Chairman
ILL. Gary David Bennett PP

Advisors To Potentate
ILL. “Wes” Wells
ILL. Gary Bennett
ILL. Russell Muncy
ILL. John Wingfield

Membership Committee
Teddy Adkins
Jeff East
Cole David

Building Committee
Ill. Russell Edward Muncy PP
Ill. Gary Bennett

Sportsman’s Raffle
William “Bill” W. David, Jr.

Juris Prudence
Aubrey Jones Rosser, Jr.

Hospital Board Representatives
Jimmy Litchford
Gary Huffman
Ricky Leftwich

PR Committee
Ill. Russell Muncy
Matt Clarke
Cole David
Steve Nelson

Clifton Forge
President: Ray Keen
Meet: 1st Wednesdays

Giles County
President: Bobby Lucas
Meet: 3rd Fridays (Dark in Sep/Dec)

Golf Club
President: David Morris
Meet: Call of President (Based on Courses)

President: Jamie Branscome
Meet: 1st Tuesdays

President: Ray Heinrich
Meet: 1st Mondays (Dark in July)

New River
President: Chris Childress
Meet: 4th Thursdays

President: Johnny Johnson
Meet: 4th Thursdays

Powell Valley
President: Kyth Banks
Meet: 1st Thursdays

Roanoke Valley
President: Steve Sprague
Meet: 2nd Wednesdays

Scott County
President: James “Larry” Moore
Meet: 1st Thursdays

Shenandoah Valley
President: Gary Butler
Meet: 4th Mondays (Dark in December)

Tavern Keepers
President: Frankie Howell
Meet: Call of President

Washington County
President: Josh Wellenhoffer
Meet: 3rd Tuesday

Wise County
President: Jack Mullins
Meet: 4th Wednesdays

The Uniformed Units Association includes all Units and their members of the Kazim Temple. The Association was formed for the purpose of fostering cooperation and goodwill between the members of each Unit and between the leaders of the Units while abiding by the rules and policies set forth by the Potentate and the Divan.

The Association administrative staff is headed by a director, secretary, and three assistant directors, who are elected at the annual meeting in December. Elected directors are subject to the approval of the Potentate and the Divan meeting in the following January.

The Association Director and his assistants are responsible for the positioning of Kazim Temple Units in parade order at the S.A.S.A. Convention, Kazim Temple Ceremonials, and other local parades. The association officers provide leadership and solve challenging situations that may be presented during the normal course of the Association operation. In order that the administration, be rotated among the different Units, no director shall serve more than two years.

Uniformed Units
Dir. “Giles” Madison Gilley
1st Asst. Dir. Cole David
2nd Asst. Dir. Ricky Leftwich
3rd Asst. Dir. Sean Wilson


President: John “Stumpy” Stump
Meet: Weekly on Thursday

Beach Bums
Director: Robert Leftwich
Meet: 1st Monday

Central VA Clowns
Director: John Saville
Meet: 1st Wednesday (Dark Jul/Dec)

Directors Staff
Director: Doug Cook
Meet: 1st Wednesday

Fire Brigade
Chief: John R. Booze
Meet: 4th Tuesday

Director: Mike Kinzer
Meet: 1st Tuesday

Director: Gary Goyer
Meet: 1st Thursday

Director: Robert Givens
Email: kazimmisfits@gmail.com
Meet: 3rd Friday (Dark Sep/Dec)

Mobile Nobles
Captain: Del Crigger
Meet: 3rd Thursday

Motor Patrol
Captain: Roger “Bruce” Wachob
Meet: 3rd Thursday

Piedmont T's
President: Roger Woods
Meet: 4th Thursday

Mystic Pirates
Captain: Sean Wilson
Meet: 2nd Thursday

Provost Guard
Captain: Charles Layman
Meet: 4th Tuesday

Director: Jim Elliott
Meet: 1st Thursday

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