Called Meeting Notification


The Director of the Uniformed Units has requested a notification be sent out to all Units for an upcoming called meeting of the Organization.  The meeting will take place on Monday, October 10, at Kazim Shrine Center in the Ballroom.  The meeting will begin at 7PM and go until business has been concluded.

This meeting will be very important for the future of the Uniformed Units at Kazim.  Please, come out and support this organization as we will be taking nominations for 3rd Deputy Director.  All Units are eligible to put someone in the line except for the Tramps and Central VA Clowns, as they currently already have someone in line.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself or Mike Kinzer at the email address below.

Kazim Nobles | Uniformed Units

The Uniformed Units Association includes all Units and their members of the Kazim Temple. The Association was formed for the purpose of fostering cooperation and goodwill between the members of each Unit and between the leaders of the Units while abiding by the rules and policies set forth by the Potentate and the Divan.

The Association administrative staff is headed by a director, secretary, and three assistant directors, who are elected at the annual meeting in December. Elected directors are subject to the approval of the Potentate and the Divan meeting in the following January.

The Association Director and his assistants are responsible for the positioning of Kazim Temple Units in parade order at the S.A.S.A. Convention, Kazim Temple Ceremonials, and other local parades. The association officers provide leadership and solve challenging situations that may be presented during the normal course of the Association operation. In order that the administration, be rotated among the different Units, no director shall serve more than two years.

Uniformed Units
Dir. Mike Kinzer (Hillbillies)
1st Asst. Dir. Sean Wilson (Mystic Pirates)
2nd Asst. Dir. John Saville (Central VA Clowns)
3rd Asst. Dir. Marcus Fullen (Tramps)
Sec. Cole David (Misfits)


President: John “Stumpy” Stump
Meet: Weekly on Thursday

Beach Bums
Director: Robert Leftwich
Meet: 1st Monday

Central VA Clowns
Director: John Saville
Meet: 1st Wednesday (Dark Jul/Dec)

Directors Staff
Director: Jimmy Bradbury
Meet: 1st Wednesday

Fire Brigade
Chief: John R. Booze
Meet: 4th Tuesday

Director: Mike Kinzer
Meet: 1st Tuesday

Director: Roger "Hot Rod" Harrah
Meet: 1st Thursday

Director: Terry Horton
Meet: 3rd Friday (Dark Sep/Dec)

Mobile Nobles
Captain: Jim Brewer
Meet: 3rd Thursday

Motor Patrol
Captain: John Eanes
Meet: 3rd Thursday

Piedmont T's
President: Wes Wells
Meet: 4th Thursday

Mystic Pirates
Captain: Maurice Fisher
Meet: 2nd Thursday

Provost Guard
Captain: Charles Layman
Meet: 4th Tuesday

Director: Jim Reynolds
Meet: 1st Thursday