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Nobles and Ladies of Kazim,

It seems that the conditions, restrictions, and consequences of the COVID 19 virus change on almost a daily basis. Since my last published “State of Kazim,” a multitude of changes have occurred. The day after my previous update, the Imperial Session in Kansas City was canceled. There have now been more confirmed cases of the virus in several areas of our oasis. The governor of Virginia is now introducing a multiphase plan to reopen Virginia, but that is dependent on a decline in new confirmed cases. At this time, I do not anticipate being able to reopen the temple up to regular meetings until at least mid-June and maybe later, depending on the directives of the Grand Master and the Governor of Virginia. I certainly hope for a sooner date, but I must consider the health of our membership as a priority.

In the meantime, although we are not able to gather as we desire, our teams have been busy accomplishing temple goals and laying plans for actions whenever we are allowed.

The Sportsman’s Raffle tickets are being printed and will be available in a few days. The prize selection is great and should appeal to every sportsman. So many functions at which we were able to sell in previous years have been canceled, so It’s extremely important that every noble sell all the tickets possible this year.

We have entered into a contract with Web.com to establish a new Kazim website that will be attractive, friendly, and informative. Also, our tech team is putting together a digital version of the “Kazimer” that can be viewed online or printed off for those without internet service. Initially, we plan on publishing a Kazimer on a quarterly basis.

The house committee has been busy working on several improvements to the physical facility. A pad at the 7th St. entrance and a walkway to the curb has been poured that will accommodate a wheelchair if needed. A new door is being installed at that entrance to replace the one that becomes impossible to open at times. The possibility of creating an emergency exit from the basement break area is being looked at, and we will have the proper authorities to help with the planning. Shrubbery care and mulching are ongoing.

The Kazim Pirates are planning on replacing the roof on the picnic shelter this month.

There are a number of other projects being worked on by various individuals and groups.

Myrtle Beach has reopened to guests, so it is our hope that SASA will go on as planned. As previously mentioned, it is imperative that we make our reservations in a timely manner as there will be a Carolina Music festival going on at the same time, which could create a room shortage.

We don’t always know if a fellow noble or masonic brother might be in need. It becomes our individual responsibility to reach out and check on one another. I would request and encourage the officers of each club or unit to make contact with every member just to let them know they are appreciated and inquire if they might have a need. They may just need a phone call, or it may be to pick up a few needed items. Whatever the need, we each took on an obligation to provide for that need insofar as we are able. Any club or unit that might benefit from a conference call among its members may want to consider using the temple’s phone system to accomplish that. If that occurs, I would ask that I be informed so I might attend. My planned visits have been put on hold along with everything else.

We must make every effort to protect our members and their loved ones. The single most important action is to refrain from conditions of exposure. Avoid gatherings with potential exposure and practice good personal hygiene.

Lady Phyllis and I sincerely miss being with you and wish each of you good health and stay safe.


Ed Barker